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  • AM
    Very very good.
  • Yahya Ibn Maryam
    Excellent experience & great recovery
    Thanks Dr Meftah!!
  • Alex Folacci - RAPIDE fitness
    I was a very high level athlete, Olympic hopeful and National Champion in Track & Field but I had a career ending knee injury 5 years ago.

    I wasn’t able to run or squat anymore, and needed knee surgery. After lots of research and consulting many doctors, I was recommended many times to get surgery from Dr. Meftah, a top notch surgeon in New York City.

    The surgery went very well, and 6 weeks later I could already jog, squat and deadlift. I also have no visible scars, and the rehab period wasn’t terrible.

    I highly recommend Dr. Meftah.
  • Manuel Orochena
    In the United States, the practice of medicine dates back to the early 1600s. In my lifetime I have witnessed the evolution of the practice over time, but I have only now encountered a physician with your unique skillset. From the onset you have been professional, knowledgeable, charismatic, passionate and trustworthy regarding my medical care.

    Just to give you a brief history of the pivotal role you played. In the past I have had knee surgery on both knees. (R/2015 and L/2017). There were complications with the left knee and after a year of being prescribed pain medication, my gastroenterologist advised me to see again an orthopedician. Since the doctor who had performed the previous surgeries was no longer working at NYU I chose you. It was my lucky day!

    After a consultation with you and a thorough discussion with my family, I decided to have the second surgery on my left knee. The surgery was scheduled for July 9th and my recovery has been outstanding. Your diagnosis and prognosis has been spot on and has changed the quality of my life. Now I am able to bend my knee almost completely pain free. I can walk up to 3 miles and bike for almost half an hour.

    Dr. Meftah, I have implicit trust in you, I wish my praise can be echoed and amplified to encourage others to address their illness and seek treatment with the most influential physician I have ever known. My objectivity may be compromised, but this speaks to your abilities and my feelings on the medical care I received.

    I wish to thank you in a profound way and also to extend my thanks and gratitude to your support staff, nurses, receptionists and other administrative assistants.
  • Carol P.
    I could not have been happier with this excellent doctor!

    Everything went very smoothly. I was taken immediately, the staff was pleasant, and I was in and out of the office within 45 minutes. I could not see any room for improvement!!
  • Richard P.
    I feel confident in Dr. Meftah's methodical approach to diagnosis of a ra ther complex presentation.

    Dr. Meftah was willing to look past a rather alarming radiologist's report to consider my symptoms thoughtfully and proceed with treatment cautiously. While some surgeons may have been quick to propose THR, the doctor took note of the fact that my pain was atypical, and suggested an injection to confirm its origin. I was greatly comforted when he quoted the old maxim "Treat the patient, not the image."

    If possible, I would suggest that you provide longer windows for such consultation. A 15 minute appointment is barely sufficient.
  • Eric T.
    Always available

    All my questions were answered and he is very professional.
  • Nicole S.
    Very informatitive

    Dr. Meftah is patient, kind, caring and very efficient.
  • carmen m.
    its been very good.

    very good. Dr. Meftah is very nice and patient. overall i can say is work is excellent.
  • Genneva Ortiz
    Dr. Morteza Meftah is a Great Surgeon!

    Dr. Meftah gave me a total knee replacement surgery on 8/15/18. He did a wonderful job on my knee.
    He has seen me several times since the surgery and he shows care and concern for his patients.
    I highly recommend Dr. Meftah!

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